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Our practice is limited to the following areas of law:

Licensed to practice in Maryland, the law firm of Erik D. Frye, PA is ready to serve your needs. Whether you have been in an automobile accident, a slip-and-fall accident, have a worker's compensation claim, or need insurance litigation, our firm has the experience, knowledge, and skill to bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion.

Auto Accidents

Our firm has handled many thousands of cases from the initial accident throguh the claims process and litigation and trial. Our highly experiencecd staff can assist you through every step of the process, from the day the accident happens through a trial by jury to determine the just amount fo compensation.

It is our goal to resolve claims as quickly as possible, yet maxmimize the recovery of the injured victim.

It is our experience that people are very confused when an accident first happens to them. Their normal day has been disrupted; their car is damaged, and instead of going to work or to home, they find themselves in an ambulance, in pain going to the hsoptial.

Once the intial shock of being in accident has worn off, many people find themselves with many more questions than answers. Any of these might apply to you:

  • How do I get my car fixed?
  • The hospital discharged me two days ago, and I feel worse now than on the day of the accident, what do I do?
  • I do not have health insurance; how am I going to get the treatment I neede to get better?
  • What do I do if my insurance company says they don't cover accidents?
  • Damage to my vehicle is minimal; why am I in so much pain?

These are all normal reactions to an accident! Then on top of the stress, folks find that the at-fault driver's insurance comapnuy is dragging their feet, not paying for the damage to the car, insisting on time-consuming and pointless 'investigation' simply to make the process that much harder.

All of these are reasons why most people who have been injured in an accident need the assistance of an attorney. Our firm is equipped and designed to break through the barriers put up by the other driver's insurance company, and get them to live up to their obligation - to pay what is fairly owed.

Please see the frequently asked questions section, or contact Mr. Frye if you have further questions or wish to set up an interview.

As always, there is no charge for the inerview on an accident case, and no fee if there is no recovery. Our firm typically advances all necessary expenses for the claim.


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Insurance Litigation

Insurance litigation takes many forms. Many issues arise in getting proper insurance coverage after an auto accident, or involve a company's unwillingness to pay health insurance claims or life insurance benefits. Unfortunately, this firm does not handle ERISA related claims.


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Slip-and-Fall Cases

All injury cases that are not auto accidents, or malpractice claims are classified as slip and fall cases. These can range from something as common as slipping on water left behind while a store employee was mopping, to soemthing as unusual or tragic as a dumpster falling over on a child.

Our firm carefully screens all of these types of case, because Maryland law is extremely unfavorable to the victim in these cases. The facts regarding how the accident happened are extremely important, so proper investigation is absolutely critical. This includes appropriate actions to take to protect your rights, such as photgraphing the scene of the event, and interviewing witnesses before their memory fades.

Our firm has the training and experience to determine the facts, arrange for an appropriate investigation, and protect your rights to an appropriate settlement.


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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice typically involves truly horrific injuries caused by a sustantial breah of care by someone you have put your faith in. Once again, this type of case must be screened very carefully, as they are not only very difficult to prove, but also extremly expensive to litigate.

Because of the time and costs invovled, our firm always associates with other firms in malpractice cases.


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